Saturday, January 07, 2006

Test your browsers security NOW !!!!

Well how safe is your browser? Do you know or do you think you know .Well if you are like many, you think your ok with the browser your running well guess really need to be sure because there are so many new browser hijackers out there it isn't funny .you could be jacked already .Guess what I am here to help you out visit this site and do a test its safe. And if you are lucky you will receive all {0's} just like me...and I work this browser ! I keep the cache at zero and get all the new updates and I suggest you do also! Get the new firefox 1.5 ..It is very tight and secure...Don't hesitate get tested now here at (BROWSER SECURITY TEST) and read a little bit about whats going on ...stay tuned got more posts coming some good stuff....peace


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