Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year !!

Well it,s a new year and here we go again. Man I haven't posted nothing in a long time I guess I have been busy with life and just bored with this blog .I really don't know I loose interest in things very quickly . I guess its (ADD) .well any how happy new year! its another consumer electronic show going on right now and I haven't been interested in posting anything .I will tell you what I have done that I thought I would never do I installed the apple I-tunes on my pc..the only reason why is because of the free podcast you can subscribe to and download and view in quick time on the pc its great there are a crap load of podcast out there .I like the video podcast .you need to check out the new SYSTM video podcast ..Pretty cool .I also subscribe to diggnation video podcast also very cool´┐Ż. Well I gotta go but I will try to post more I could post about all kinds of stuff..but I gotta get ready to go get my hair cut now .I just had a spur of the moment urge to post !Any how check back later..............peace


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