Saturday, April 16, 2005

Quick post !

This is very mysterious site from micro soft I can’'t wait to see what it is going to be. I am very intrigued on the possibilities .We have to keep our eye on this site its launch is April 25th .Here is the

Friday, April 15, 2005

Some shady links....This how I get down!

Well, I am feeling a little Shady today .LOL so I am going to post links on my site to some of the cool sites I visit often and get a lot of info from and try to have fun with it but keep in mind I am really no hacker so to speak of but I do consider my self kinda L33T..(That’s hacker speak) lets just say I study things. Well here are a couple of them.

>hack a day
>NetworkSniffer <--programs >ASTALAVISTA.US
> NetStumbler
Enjoy! and dont get in trouble...LOL

The WiFlyer

Well this is the gadget of the week I guess !I found this very cool wireless internet for dial up .Now I never thought that some thing like this was out there but I find It very intriguing and very useful for the 56k crowd . For what ever reason you have dial up and not broadband you to can have a wireless connection with this product with a typical 802.11b adapter you can connect multiple pc to this router VIA dialup.


>Share a single dialup connection on up to 5 computers at the same time.
>Enjoy wireless freedom on your laptop or PDA throughout your home or office
>Take wireless internet wherever you go using dialup or broadband
>No additional monthly fees-uses existing dialup accounts
>Compatible with AOL, Earthlink, MSN, Netzero and more

The only thing I found unappealing is the price but for the convenience.
It maybe very well worth it.
Here is the link to the web site if its something you could use look it over - The WiFlyer

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fun For Mobile

Here is something I found just now and thought it would be cool for everyone to use it allows you to upload from your own PC and send ring tones to your cell phone .That great you don’t have to pay for them. I of course don’t pay for them any how I create mp3 ring tones and upload them from my PC to my phone via USB cable that plugs into my phone .Motorola E398 But those of you who want to give it a try here’s the link

Supercharge Your Software

Well I just thought I would post this due to the fact its loaded with great tips and software to help you get the most out of your windows based pc.I have a yearly subscription to the magazine so I get all the goodies and great info every month. I know, I know just like a geek..But I am only a closet geek . Any how read the articles in this months PC WORLD !

Supercharge Your Software

Ever wish your favorite program could do a little more? These 65-plus add-ons enhance Windows, Office, browsers, e-mail clients, and other packages with powerful new features.
From the May 2005 issue of PC World magazine

Here are the links
Windows Wonders
Internet Winners
Office Assistants
Media Stars
Microsoft Word and Excel: Make Your Own Office Add-On

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Your very own 3'x5' Jolly Roger

One last quick post of the day this is friggin great .Get your own Jolly Roger .This for all you internet pirates…only 6.99 free shipping …get it here I deal with these guys all the time. They rock!!!

The Broken !!!

Well if you don't know you better ask somebody !!Well I guess that somebody would be me .How would you like some instructional video on some newbie and some intermediate hacks well these movies have been around for a while now but they are in the works of making some more also starting a side project called [SYSTM] that will be launching really soon so for know download every episode of the broken ...Don't be a jenk biatch be one of the L33t...ssssssooo go get broken!!---
If you watched the screen savers then you will know these guys.G4 changed the name of the show. It's called( attack of the show)now its on g4 tech TV ....Ill have some more on these guys later.....Peace

Mac address spoofer

Well, Mac addresses is the subject in what I wish to speak about .If you are familiar with wireless internet connections you know what a Mac address is check your router it will tell you what yours is .Ever wish you could fool around and change yours so you could fool the network you run off of .Maybe you would like to borrow your next door neighbors WI-fi connection for a little while .And you don’t want to let them know your Mac add .Well guess what you can with this piece of software here called SMAC. SMAC is a MAC Address Modifying Utility (spoofer) for Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003 systems, regardless of whether the manufactures allow this option or not. If you’re into that give it a try. You can find it here from these guys KLC Consulting Inc here’s the link…../

This is good free download !

Students at Washington State University are collaborating with Microsoft to build free replacement for Paint, the quaint little image software that comes with Windows - and they’re doing a good job.

The result - called Paint.NET - includes image layer editing , red-eye removal, and a history window of actions as you edit. An extremely improved version of plain old Windows XP Paint (which,, sucks), the only downside of Paint.NET is that it requires you install Microsoft’s free but enormous .NET framework. Once that’s over with, Paint.NET itself is a great free alternative to expensive image editing software for folks touching up digital photos. But its forWindows only you linux people will just have to stick with the gimp!!! That can also be used with windows.

I added a new pic!

Well I added a new pic to one of my galleries if you look its my favorite tattoo .Its one of my three I just wanted to put up something different .Its on my inner right forearm .

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wireless USB

I got to say wireless USB is a technology I can’t wait for I think it will be a great asset to the computing world. And its Version 1.0 specification was sent to the Wireless USB Promoter Group on April 1 for a 45 day review, were looking at a 480M bps (bits per second) transfer speed over distances of about three meters and it will work at lower speeds up to a distance of about 10 meters. Consumers can look forward to a handful of Wireless USB products appearing in shops in the U.S. by the end of this year, with many more products following in the first half of 2006 . Get ready here it comes…and it’s a cool thing….peace

Rubiks friggin cube in cyber space!!! wooaahh

If you was an 80’ kid you owned one of these .Well this is the future of the cube on this web site link here .This is fucking sick!!! Give it a look and try out the little moon men options on the bottom. Have fun peace…..

Hey check it out

I haven’t posted in a while but in case you don’t know about this .Here it is google maps have added satellite imaging .I found to be very cool .Check it out for your self and there’s a site that gives some popular google image searches check them out