Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Allofmp3.com Wins Court Case

Well I just wanted to post this really quick .The mp3 site called allofmp3.com has won a legal battle in Russia for allowing mp3 downloads for pennies! Really pennies and it’s been around for a little bit and has gone under scrutiny but it has won. Its legal to download mp3s from this site,(click and read) it does have a English interface look for it at the top of the page and don’t be scared its not fake its real…here’s the link and enjoy…allofmp3.com

Deep Dish Cylindrical Parabolic Template

Well I thought I would post a little wi-fi trick its been around for a while but this is a template and directions on how to make it .the attachments increase the gain on the reception and the out put of the signal depends on were you use it. While also reducing out put in some unwanted direction to help increase the security of your network..Here’s the link …..www.freeantennas.com

what ????

Hey all just got around to posting ,I was bored with all the posting I was doing .I started to feel like I was going to give it up and stop posting all together .Due to the fact I really don’t think I have people really reading, maybe viewing but not really coming back and really checking me out . Well I don’t know still but I am going to post anyway for now! Well I got that Motorola e398 cell phone from the (united kingdom) it’s a import very cool phone it takes good pics and the mp3 player rules it has a trans flash memory card .that is very new we don’t have phones with trans flash here yet its secure memory for cells and PDAs only. I got 64 mb they come in larger capacity. Now if you haven’t seen the phone its in 1 of my previous post. week 2/13-2/19 Check it out..Well that’s it for this post I have other stuff to show you …..Peace

Trans flash link---www.coolera.com