Sunday, February 27, 2005

Optimize XP

This link is pretty friggin useful for us windows XP users. If you want a site that has a huge list of useful resources. So you can tweak and clean up your windows pc. And help speed up your boot time. The only thing is I think they are not real big firefox fans but they are useful windows tips just the same so take a peek and I urge you to take advantage of the tools a have offered to you from this site….peace

Optimize XP

my internet voice mail :1-612-241-8889

Check this out I found this pretty cool .This is a free service .I got my number about a month ago and could not figure out how to use it .I have a cell phone that has voice mail I have a answering machine on my home phone so I rarely miss a message well I dawned on me I could use it here on my site! The only problem with this is it’s a long distance call it’s a number based in Minnesota .but if you have a cell usually long distance is free. Or you just call from home. But any how here is a add from the site .And give me a call and leave a message .Let me know if there’s something you mite like to hear more about.

eVoice is the number that takes the call when you can't. It's perfect for classified ads, online forms, or when you're socializing. Forward you’re other numbers to your eVoice number to get all your messages in one location - your email. With eVoice, you stay in control. With over 7 million subscribers, j2 Global Communications® is the leader in Internet communications. We made faxing better with eFax® and created an essential business tool with jConnect®. Now we bring you eVoice - a private voicemail number that keeps you in control.heres the

This is for the Scifi fans

"The SciFi channel has made Episode '33' (Season 1 Episode 1) of Battlestar Galactica available for free, uncut and commercial free, online at Also available are deleted scenes from the series. Is this a ploy by the SciFi channel to grow a viewer base as well as loyalty, or an extremely bold move since the series isn't even out on DVD yet? Check it out here....Battlestar ..or you can check out this site and for a small fee of $ 0.99 a month you can download all your fav tv shows legally here at Enjoy.. Later