Saturday, February 26, 2005

Google Help : Cheat Sheet

Here's just a little search tip page, Google released a while ago some may have seen it but if you have not ! Check the link below.

Google Help : Cheat Sheet

just a quick post : Google hacks

I just wanted to post a link to a new book Google hacks 2 .Heres a link to get the book and it has some sample hacks check it out here...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Advertising Slogan Generator

Want your own slogan ? Well here's a slogan generator. I got mine..LOL ( Just Do Rihooligan...ect ) just add a word and it will come up with 1 of 503 slogans for you . It changes every time the page loads Let me know how you make out ! Here is the link:

The Advertising Slogan Generator

Go get the updated Firefox

Firefox 1.0.1 Released
Mozilla just released Firefox v1.0.1! Not the BETA Version. Go download it now! (Mozilla has fixed ~650 bugs and ~25 security holes and a few crash fixes) Just click on the button in the link section on the side and it will take you to the download...26,887,811 downloads of firefox to date ...

Free Email Retrieval and Notification Program

ePrompter automatically and simultaneously checks and retrieves your email messages from up to sixteen password protected email accounts AND lets you read, delete and respond to any of your messages with a simple click on the account of your choice - without ever having to launch your email program or go to your web mail’s site.
ePrompter works with AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, POP3, Earthlink, Excite, iName, Juno, Lycos,, Mindspring, MSN, MyWay, Netscape, OneBox, Rediffmail, SBC Yahoo, Switchboard, and hundreds of other email domains.
Heres the link : ePrompter This seems like a very useful application. I haven’t tried it but I probably should. I have multiple email accounts, well check it out if it works great, let us know if it suxs,let us know …..

Google updates

Well I just wanted to give an update on a new Google feature it’s a new movie search .just released yesterday. Here’s a look : movie: red pill blue pill .There is also a local feature now that narrows the search down to your neck of the woods check it out here : .Well they are kickass it wont be long before you can google anything! Everything in the world in one search engine. Well enjoy! ......peace

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I added something new interactive visitor pics! Show us something

Well I just added a new interactive part to my blog.And I hope every one participates in this little adventure .Its called show us something. And its just that email a pic to the address at( and that’s it your pic will show up in the pic spot on the side of my blog and in the( page. I hope this goes well ,you can email anything for a pic .show us something could be anything your new car your new pc a pic of your self, anything just not porn and your safe . If its to naughty I will remove the pic.Now I know my fellow Rhode islanders .We are not known for shyness that’s for sure .So don’t let me down. Lets have fun with this I added the first pic ...Well it’s of myself .(Looking good !!)LOL .And you can do it anonymously you don’t have let anyone know who you are if you don’t want to .But if you do that’s up to you. You would add it in your email subject line ..So let have fun with it show us something!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Rumor mill claims Longhorn has a real name

DO WE HAVE the new name of Longhorn revealed ? While Longhorn has been the much-mentioned codename for the next-generation Windows technology, a Microsoft mole came to this weekend with some news of high-level branding discussions that appear to have yielded a name for the new Windows. It could all just be the rankest of speculation, however.

Microsoft Windows e-XPedition. is going to be the new name...Iwill keep an eye out for more info.

Quick post

I just wanted to post a link to this site that posted the top ten file sharing

I personaly use E-mule....later

Angry kid...this is a good laugh

I gotta tell you this is some funny stuff .I came across this web site years ago .Its called Atom Films it’s a lot of short movies from independent film makers who upload their stuff for you to check out some of it is really good. this series called Angry kid is great if you don’t know its animated series about a smartass .British kid he always say or does crazy stuff .you have to check out the site here is a link to the angry kid section but feel free to browse the site for other cool movies its labeled buy categories .Be sure to have flash media. You’ll need it to view most of the site..Heres the link… Atom films angry kid

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick gets hacked

Well this story has been around for a couple of days now .But I just thought I would say. Some are reporting that it was stolen then hacked, then others say she gave out her password and was violated bottom line is more personal pics have been hijacked from the sidekick and ....I got a hold of them ..Well nothing special but interesting just the same .They say phone numbers of her friends have been put out there also now that's pretty cool .Think about it all her friends are rich and famous. How would you like to call.....mmmmmmmm I don't know maybe Lindsey lohan or Tara Reid. Well if you would like to see her phone book or personal notes I have them also wanna see the pics or the phone book and notes email me I will send you them.....LOL...I would post them but my luck Ill get slapped with a law suit for illegally publishing unauthorized pics. That would ruin my day for the pics are one collage and only about 89.kb and the phone book is747kb and the notes are 94kb I called most of the numbers and they have been disconnected .But its cool any how…Later or check out

Microsoft Warns of New Security Threat

Microsoft security researchers are warning about a new generation of powerful system monitoring programs, or "root kits," that are almost impossible to detect using current security products and that could pose a serious risk to corporations and individuals.
Well this story took far too long to be reported .Root kits have been around for awhile now many people who dabble in the underworld of pc security are well aware of the root kit. I know it has been modified for many different uses .This PC world article, it’s really good read. It’s informative and pretty scary for some. Here’s the link for the PC world article. Well now that you have read it have a look into the underworld this is a peek into the root kit world have a look here’s the link…Root kit .

MyDoom Worm Spreads Via Search Engines

Latest variant finds e-mail address on your hard drive and on search engines.
Internet users are being threatened by yet another variant of the MyDoom mass mailing worm, which is spreading in part by using e-mail addresses found through popular search engines, security experts warn.

The new variant was first spotted late Wednesday and reports from computer users suggest the worm is already circling the globe, according to Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

The worm proliferates by e-mailing itself through its own SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) engine, according to Sophos. When it infects a computer it scans the hard disk for e-mail addresses and then takes the domains of the addresses it finds and queries search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Lycos looking for similar addresses, Cluley says.

If it finds the address, for instance, it will use a search engine to look for other addresses at the domain to send itself to, Cluley explains.

Similar Spread

A similar MyDoom variant appeared last July and managed to slow some search engines as it flooded them with queries.

Cluley says he doubts the new variant will have the same effect since this outbreak is not as severe. Additionally, search engines have taken measures to prevent being crippled by the worm again, Cluley says.

The latest worm was created by repackaging an older MyDoom variant in an encrypted "wrapper" so that antivirus software could not recognize it, Cluley says. The method is just one of the clever ways hackers use to hide their attacks and antivirus firms should be aware of the ruse, he adds.

Internet users should make sure their antivirus software is up to date to avoid infection.
this story as reported by: Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service