Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lime wire

I just wanted to let everyone in on a new p2p file shareing site .Its called Lime Wire .You can get music ,pics ,movies ,programs and games .Its relay good I have tried it and like the interface its easy to use and very fast downloads if your looking for a new p2p get lime wire .It also lets you change skins. Check it out and get it here...LimeWire

UPDATE:Microsoft's AntiSpyware hit by a Spyware

A Trojan has hit Microsoft's AntiSpyware (Beta), which disables it, and steals banking details login Ids and passwords.

Trojans or "Trojan horse" is a type of program that allows other people to access your machine (generally for malicious purposes) over the Internet.

Trojans cannot propagate themselves like a virus. You have to download an application or the server exe file, which is usually sent in an e-mail message.

The email message will promise you something good and would prompt you to download and installs the exe attachment. This is why it is called a Trojan horse -- you have to consciously or unconsciously run the EXE to install the server side on your computer. Once this is done then criminals who had designed the Trojan can remotely manipulate your computer.

The password stealing Troj/BankAsh-A Trojan, discovered yesterday, is a spyware. It keeps a track of user activities on the computer. It spies on you.

If you happen to visit any of the online bank accounts of Barclays, Cahoot, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Nationwide, NatWest, and Smile, then it starts recording your keystrokes. This way it steals your login ids and passwords. The Trojan then sends the details on a remote FTP. Trojan makers can then use those details to steal your money from your bank accounts.

The Trojan also disables Microsoft AntiSpyware, currently available only as a beta download. It deletes all files within the folder named C:Program FilesMicrosoft AntiSpyware. The Trojan also removes important entries of the antispyware in the registry and thus literal kills the antispyware.

Microsoft Antispyware is still in its Beta version (experimental version). Over a period of time software developers will know the flaws in the antispyware and would hopefully rectify them.

Google search tips

This is a little tip or ( Hack) so to speak for searching on Google . You will come up with all sorts of results just look through and you can sort out what you want .You only have to change the words after parent directory
"parent directory " /appz/ -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums
"parent directory " Gamez -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums
"parent directory " DVDRip -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums
"parent directory " Xvid -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums
"parent directory " MP3 -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums
There is another method for searching for mp3s!
?intitle:index.of? mp3

You only need add the name of the song/artist/singer.
?intitle:index.of? mp3 (artist or song goes here)
good luck !! Comlements of Ramzi the leet

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Process Explorer

Windows Task Manager tells you what applications and processes are running, but some process names aren't very clear to the casual reader. Process Explorer helps you get to the bottom of things by digging down to see which application started a process and which resources that app is currently using. This excavation can be a big help when your trying to figure out which background processes you dare shut down, and it can even help sniff out spyware, too. Best of all this is freeware and you can get it and other useful APS here..Process Explorer

This is not a joke!

Explosive cell phones! I have read several reports now about counterfeit cell phone batteries blowing up! Well Nokia has moved to help users identify authentic batteries. New Nokia batteries will include a label with a holographic image and an authentication code hidden in a scratch off area on the label. User’s can verify the code online. Also Kyocera and Verizon wireless have recalled some of their phone batteries due to potential hazards!

Google Maps

Here we go Google is going to put Map quest to bed. You know if Google puts it out there trying to change the scene up. Right now it’s still in an early beat form but check it

I got 50 Gmails to give away

Wow I heard about this but WOW ! Google has been randomly giving out to all the early testers 50-accounts to give out well I just got walloped ,I got my 50 today .If any one out there is interested in a Gmail account e-mail me and I will hook you up. Please help me unload these!!! LOL ITS FREE..And if you want to find out more about Gmail go to About Gmail .
Check out my Moblog link on the side I took a pic of the invites.

Streaming media

Here is a really cool site, the service I don’t know about I have not given it a try yet .But it does offer a three month free trial! I always say if it’s for free it’s for me. Now I think I might give it a try when I get my new cell phone! And I will have to get back to you and let you know how it works. For now you can feel free to give it a shot and let me know how it is. It’s got to be cool, come on streaming media that alone is just a great concept! Orb takes the home out of home entertainment gives you secure access to the digital media on your home PC through a simple web interface. Orb streams your content safely to virtually any internet-connected device. Just install the Orb software on your PC, and then access your media anywhere.

Check your email from anywhere

This seems be a really good idea. www.e-mailanywhere When your on the go and are not at you own computer and you need to get to your mail! This is perfect for that, and it’s free! That’s the best part .Although this only one option .There are multiple options you should give this one a try .while your at it you could check out this site Again it’s free so you lose nothing on both deals. Although the first one offers a premium service. The basic service is free. Check them out and see which one is right for you!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sony Ericsson says last year was about cameraphones, this year is about music

Sony Ericsson has just issued a press release announcing that after focusing on cameraphones last year, this year they’re going to be turning their attention to music. They don’t get too specific —they’ll get down and dirty at the 3GSM World Congress next week—but they are promising consumers “a new experience with the handsets.” If they know what’s good for them, they’ll offer up a handset with dedicated music player control buttons, plenty of storage, good battery life, and native support for MP3 (and as many other formats as possible). The Sony-ness of Sony Ericsson makes me nervous, but we’ll give ‘em the benefit of the doubt.

FujiFilm MP-70 Mobile Printer

To complement FujiFilm's new line-up of consumer cameras, the company is also releasing the MP-70 portable printer, a fun if somewhat limited-use infrared model that prints to Polaroid-like instant developing film. The prints are just about the size of business cards, so we're not talking keepsake-quality stuff (less frame, more shame). FujiFilm hopes to see the MP-70 picked up for use with camera-phones, but will also be releasing a USB infrared add-on that plugs into most of their cameras, allowing anyone to print wallet-sized snaps on the go.

The MP-70 will retail in the second quarter for about $100.

Free spell checker

Here is a free program for you bad spellers like myself. I have to use spell check often well here is a spell checker for everyone It is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check the spelling of words in any Windows application. tinySpell monitors your typing on the fly and alerts you whenever it detects a misspelled word.
read more about it here and download it ./

Superbowl ads

Okay ,You didn't get to see all the commercials ads from the superbowl ? Maybe you wanna see your favorite one again, well here is your chance this is a collection of all of them . At IFILM heres the

Microsoft to Release Longhorn Beta in June 2005

Microsoft is on track to release the first full test version of the next major Windows release by the end of June. The company has said publicly that Beta 1 of Longhorn would arrive by the end of 2005, though internally, the company has been aiming for a release by midyear. The final version of Longhorn is slated for the second half of next year.Check out the story here...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I wonder who's bathroom this is?? Take a pick Im sure you can think of a couple people's ...LOL

File Sharers Can No Longer Hide ????

FirstSource monitors for the first uploads of a client's intellectual property to the eDonkey and Bit Torrent networks. When the system spots a file name matching the client's content, it initiates a download to confirm that the file is what it appears to be.This is getting crazy now ! These people need to get a clue .Read the whole story here at this


32 MB Secure Digital Media-FREE SHIPPING!
$6.99 !!! I will say this is a great deal and these guys are great to deal with I have bought all kinds of stuff from them. Including( 2) PCs , speakers ,motherboards and other items buy with confidence . Pass on the savings ! Here's the link--

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification

On February 8, 2005, the Microsoft Security Response Center is planning to release:

9 Microsoft Security Bulletins affecting Microsoft Windows. The greatest aggregate, maximum severity rating for these security updates is Critical. Some of these updates will require a restart.

1 Microsoft Security Bulletin affecting Microsoft SharePoint Services and Office. The greatest aggregate, maximum severity rating for this security bulletin is Moderate. These updates may or may not require a restart.

1 Microsoft Security Bulletin affecting Microsoft .NET Framework. The greatest aggregate, maximum severity rating for this security bulletin is Important. This update will require a restart.

1 Microsoft Security Bulletin affecting Microsoft Office. The greatest aggregate, maximum severity rating for this security bulletin is Critical. These updates will require a restart.

1 Microsoft Security Bulletin affecting Microsoft Windows, Windows Media Player, and MSN Messenger. The greatest aggregate, maximum severity rating for these security updates is Critical. These updates will require a restart.

No additional details about bulletin severities or vulnerabilities will be made available until February 8, 2005.