Saturday, February 05, 2005

George Foreman grill PC ?

This is very crazy Build a computer inside your George Foreman Grill.Get a load of this.Here you can learn how to do it! here is the link..../

Optware’s 1TB Holographic Versatile Disc

Move over HD-DVD and Bluray, Holographic Versatile Disc is on the way. A consortium of six storage industry corporations aim to offer an optical disc technology capable of storing a full terabyte of data, with transfer rates over one gigabit per second!

The technology behind HVD is based on holography technology from Japan's Optware, one of the six founders of the consortium. A technical committee formed last December to flesh out HVD standards. The first assignments of the technical committee involve coming up with standards for a 200GB recordable disc and a 100GB read-only disc. This is very new technology get ready for the future no more back up hard drives its all on disk baby!!!

Free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer

Need to open a presentation (ppt) file on a PC that doesn’t have PowerPoint installed? Download and install the free PowerPoint viewer.

You can’t edit presentations with the viewer, just, well, view them. But the viewer is free and small and worth adding to the disk along with your presentation, just in case you have to present on a computer without PowerPoint available on it. Get it here at this Microsoft download link. free PowerPoint

Friday, February 04, 2005

CovertCall - simply the best caller id spoofing service

Okay here is a real shady phone application .Spoofing your caller I.D.? Yes, you can with convertcall you will be able make up a number and a name ,apply it to your call and there you go. You can find out more here at .....covertcall

windows xp sphere application

The SphereXP is a 3D desktop replacement for Microsoft Windows XP. Taking the known concept of three-dimensional desktops to its own level. It offers a new way to organize objects on the desktop such as icons and applications. check out the details and the other images and videos. Here at

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I added a pic gallery

Hey, I just added a pic gallery courtesy of Textamericas- Moblog ! Its just gonna be random pics .Just a chance for me to expand rihooligans world. I also get more of a chance to entertain everyone ...Well check out the pics and keep coming back....heres a link to the textamerica site in case you want a pic blog...ITS FREE!!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Tired of those old boring Windows XP wallpapers

If you are tired of those old boring Windows XP wallpaper's, you have to check this site out. The wallpaper's seem girlie at first, but they have some awesome wallpaper's for just about anyone.These pics are just a sample ,They also have wallpapers for macs

The Daleks

This brought back some childhood memories I was a real sci-fie kid and remembered these right away. Now does anyone else know were these are from ? Just a little hint the show was on PBS in the 70's.

USB extension for convenience

If wish you could just extend that USB cable just a little more well here is a option!
Model USB2ARC5M is a single port USB 2.0 hub that buffers upstream and downstream data traffic. Both low-speed and high-speed devices work equally well. The cable length is 5 meters. By putting up to five cables in series, you can achieve distances of up to 25m. For USB 2.0 and backward compatible with 1.0 and 1.1.

* Active USB extension (works as a 1 port hub)
* Works with USB 2.0, and backward compatible with 1.0 and 1.1
* No power supply required
* Connectors are Type A female (downstream) and Type A male (upstream)
And you can find it and more options here at this link... B&B electronics

MiG instrument panel clocks - the world's toughest!

MiG instrument panel clocks - the world's toughest! Well this some more gadgety goodness this one tough clock its pulled from a decommissioned Russian Mig jet fighter although quite pricey it is a hell of a gadget and a great desk top clock .This clock is priced at $179.00 ,so I don't know if I will buy one for that price .But for all you big spenders out there you get it

Sunday, January 30, 2005

My blogs email and new web feed

Well I have added a email address for this blog so if anyone wants to contact me about the blog ,its in my profile info.And I added a option to email any article to who you choose! So if you have a link or a site for me to check out email me ,and if you wish to link to me ,that's cool also I may be willing to link to you also !I am looking around to find sites I would be willing to link to. You can ask me and I will give you a code for a link that looks like this and will give a updated feed of my latest post....

rihooligans world

Irish gear

ohh yeah ! You can find this shirt and others at
They have jewelry for everyone and other Gaelic items for him and her..

Just for fun !!

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gosh darn it
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