Saturday, January 08, 2005

Here Is Some Humor

Here is a couple of funny pics I found ! (I think honesty is the best policy too...LOL )

This is a very cool site (rated-R )

I know this not what I usually post but I ran across this site and thought it was very cool so if you like naked tattooed and pierced chicks visit this site...SUICIDEGIRLS.COM

Very Cool Mustek Personal Media Center

The Mustek PVR-A1 is a handheld device designed to give you a media fix when you're on the go. Use it to playback MP3 files, or to show off a slideshow of digital images thanks to the 2.5" TFT display. Its built-in memory of 32MB is easily increased with the addition of SD or MMC memory cards up to 512MB.

The PVR-A1 can also be used as a handheld digital VCR. Use it to capture MPEG4 videos of your favorite TV shows, and take them on the trip! MPEG4 compression rates allow for over an hour of full-motion video to be recorded on an optional 512MB card, making it easy to take along your favorite shows.

7-in-1 Personal Multi-functional Portable Device: Digital Video Player/Recorder, Digital Photo Player, Digital Voice Player/Recorder, MP3 Player, Mass Storage, SD/MMC Card Reader

Samsung is bringing the 3.2 megapixel SCH-S250 cameraphone to the US announced at CES

There’s a few things to dig about the SCH-S230, Samsung’s new 3.2 megapixel cameraphone — a 3x optical zoom lens, 262K color LCD screen, and of course, that three megapixel thing — but the biggest thing to get hyped on is that this sweet Asian cellphone is indeed going to make an appearance here in the US sometime in the third quarter.

HP brings Digital Entertainment Centers @ to CES

HP kicked out a couple of new Digital Entertainment Centers. Both the z552 and the z555 run on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and have that new LightScribe direct-to-disc labeling technology, 16x double-layer, dual-format DVD drives, front panel 9-in-1 memory card readers, and 512MB of RAM. The main differences between the two: the z552 has a 200GB hard drive, dual NTSC TV tuners, and an ATI RADEON X300 SE PCI-Express graphics card, while the z555 has a 250GB hard drive, a single ATSC over-the-air high definition TV tuners, and an nVidia GeForce 6600 PCI-Express graphics card. Oh yeah, there’s one other big difference: the z552 will retail for $1,499 and the z555 will retail for $1,999. Both are due out by spring.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Slingbox Personal Broadcaster from CES

sling box is a cool idea and Slingbox Personal Broadcaster will actually be coming out (well, maybe), although the price has gone up to $250, $50 more than I last knew (but it’s still monthly-fee free, which is a big bonus). The Slingbox lets you stream and view TV from your cable, satellite or DVR box on any computer with a high-speed internet connection. This makes a lot more sense to us than expensive standalone systems like Sony’s LocationFree TV (which may not even work). Why lug around an extra screen when you can just use your laptop? Here is a link to the---> media release

A little PSP news

Well this is a little news abouty the PSP. At CES 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Kaz Hirai let the much anticipated CES meeting slide without any concrete price nor firm launch date. Earlier this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Ken Kutaragi announced that the PSP will have a North American launch of March, followed by Europe around the same time.

In Japan, the near-PS2 quality portable gaming device sold only about 510k units on account of GPU shortages. While the price and exact date still aren't entirely clear, the USD equivalent of the Japanese sale price is a little under $200USD. Some are speculating that the price could be even lower to contest Nintendo DS's long-held portable gaming throne even further.

C-CAR finding key chain

This is a cool device for the mall parking lot ! The amazing C-Car keychain directs you to your car without electronics or batteries.

Easy to use - before leaving your car point the C-Car in the direction of your destination and align the image of the car.

To return - rotate the C-Car to align the Car image and walk in the direction of the arrow. It's only $4.95 its available from a company called MyTithe and here is the link to the site.-----> MyTithe

Wired Interviews Bram Cohen, Creator of BitTorrent

This is a article on a 5 page interview with the creator of bittotent Bram Cohen ! If you know what bittorrent is you will find this pretty cool and if you don't you will find out all about it.

Wired 13.01: The BitTorrent Effect

Download details: Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

Well this a computer update, as most of us know Microsoft bought out Giant .Well if you don't know they are a aintispyware software company .Used to remove and prevent
Microsoft now offers it as a download .The link is at the bottom of this post! You will be able to install the software from Microsoft ,here's the catch you will have to validate your copy of windows with them .You also have to be a user of internet explorer the big E...Well I am not a user of the IE so I was not able to download. I am a Firefox browser user so its not of real interest to me ...To download but those of you who are not ....You might want to take a peek at this and go ahead with the install Giant was a very good program ..It is recommended..Until you see the light and start using Firefox...Witch you can download from my blog over to the side you will notice the button ,click and enjoy...But here is the link to down load the Giant software now controlled by Microsoft------

Download details: Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I finally found it worlds largest plasma TV at the CES

OOHHH BOY here it is 102" Samsung plasma...I got the pic of the 102"Samsung plasma and I got A UPDATE this TV can be purchased for a measly $75k gotta love it.....

Fossil at the CES wrist pda....

Fossil wrist palm pda watch!!! Wrist PDA FX2008
Price $249.00

Check more than just the time with this Wrist PDA watch, a revolutionary personal organizer cleverly disguised as a stylish wristwatch. Powered by the Palm OS platform this watch can store hundreds of contacts, check your calendar, and make a To-Do list from its surprisingly big 8MB of memory. Other features include convenient drop-down menus, alarm reminder window for recurring appointments, a memo pad, and a selection of different time and date displays to give your Wrist PDA its own personalized 'dial' when not in PDA mode. A stylus is integrated into the buckle. We can't leave Fossil out of the updates after all that's the kind of watch I wear on a daily....But I don't know if this is what I would wear but it does not mean its not a cool gadget !!!

Here's a mp3 player by GPX from the CES

(This is from GPX at the CES )...The GPX all-in-one MP3 player and headset (which has an available SD card adapter), just announced the addition of a slot for a TransFlash memory card. We usually see TransFlash reserved for cellphones, but the fingernail-sized memory card adds up to 256MB of interchangeable music to the 512MB max. built-in memory frigin cool huuhhh ???


HOLY CRAP THIS A 80" PLASMA TV....Well that's cool but I don't know how much it will be but IM sure its not cheap!! But they also have a 102"

This is a cool minicam.strait from CES

Here is a new item from ces from Samsung! this is a Miniket camcorder sport with attachment for peeking around corners or what ever you like! This is a very tiny hand held cam very cool.....Rumor has it its about $ 499.00....ooouch

I cant wait

I am waiting to see what kind of cool electronic gadgets are being revealed at the consumer electronic show in Las Vegas .The show will be going for the next couple of days and I am waiting to see what is leaked out . ces link
I will be posting the goods soon so keep a eye out ! Bookmark my blog ,and sign my guest book ...let me know whos looking at my post ! Voice your opinion ,or just say you was here..SO SIGN MY FU@#ING GUEST BOOK....

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This is some crazy video I came across

Concrete TV
this is just a link to some crazy video I came across ....Enjoy!!!!???

I got a pic of another new Samsung phone

this is one of the new phones! ( Worried that their competitors (there are spies everywhere!) are ripping them off and stealing their designs and ideas, Samsung says they’re not going to be showing off quite as many new unreleased phones at the Consumer Electronics Show next week and at the CeBIT trade fair in Germany early next year. Remember, you’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get you.)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Dans xbox clear case mod

(Dan Rafterys xbox case mod) This to show off some of Dans handy work. He's the xbox guy,If it involves a xbox he can do it...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DAN....ROCK OUT WITH YOUR XBOX OUT !!!!!!! So sign my fu@!ing guest book>>>>>>>

gotta love the samsung

i love samsung phones !!!
Samsung Electronics launches the world’s first megapixel camera phone with a built-in hard drive (SPH-V5400). The 1.5-gigabyte hard drive measures only one inch and is capable of storing 300 MP3 files or 1,000 photographs.
Samsung Electronics on Thursday released the first-ever mega-pixel camera phone with an internal hard drive. The SPH-V5400 boasts a 1.5-gigabyte hard drive that far outruns conventional rivals' 100 megabyte capacity, and can store up to 300 MP3 files or 1,000 images. It will retail for around W750,000.

In addition, the phone is equipped with a high-resolution (QVGA) 2.2-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) and 100 mega-pixel camera. New sound functions add an extra layer of quality to its ability to store 3.5 hours of video.

The phone also features functions such as an MP3 player, e-book and Korean-English/English-Korean dictionaries that can translate 33,000 words. Its dual speakers provide a 3D sound effect.

A company official said that Samsung, one of the fastest growing global brands, planned to maximize customers' satisfaction by releasing the 1.5 GB hard drive equipped mega pixel phone and prove the technological edge of Korean mobile phones.

He added that the company would continue producing sophisticated camera phones and employ more aggressive marketing in both domestic and overseas markets to strengthen its status as the world’s leading mobile phone company. ( I tell ya this one goes on my wish list for sure !!!! )

Here's one for the xbox guys pretty cool!...huuuuuh

xbox 2 Posted by Hello Alex Abrecht, fry cook of all things Xbox 2 rumor, claims he spoke to a Microsoft employee over the weekend who confirmed that the Xbox 2 will sport a flash-based hard drive. While this could be cool and all, and allow for some fast level-loading, we’ll take this rumor with a big grain of salt. And some ketchup. The ex-TechTV guy may talk to people, but saying you talked to a Microsoft employee could mean the dude was a coder for a division on the other side of MS campus responsible for Windows widgets. Albrecht also claims the guy told him the Xbox 2 will play DVDs out of the box and will be seen this week at CES. Yay DVDs. well this sounds good and i read alexs blog on a regular seeing is believing....well ill be on the look out