Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Whats up !!!

Hey everyone sorry about the lack of posting but I’ve been in a slump, I have been focusing on finding another job the one I have now is getting on my nerves I have been there for 17 years I started at the young age of 19 years old . And I have had it. I need a change and an opportunity to make more money. I mean I do okay now but I am topped out under the circumstances .I want out of manufacturing I need to be able too use my talents in other venues .I will find something but it has to be the right something .I was thinking sales?? I would love to work in the pc industry but I did not go to school for any of this stuff. Wish I did, but I am self taught...I am good like that...LOL LOL just kidding! I am going to do some part time used car sales on my days off to check out the sales angel .I feel I will do great …So come on down and I’ll set you up in a great used Caddy or Lexus or what ever else we have on the lot ..LOL well I just thought I would pop on and give a shout out...Peace out to my peeps…..


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