Friday, April 15, 2005

Some shady links....This how I get down!

Well, I am feeling a little Shady today .LOL so I am going to post links on my site to some of the cool sites I visit often and get a lot of info from and try to have fun with it but keep in mind I am really no hacker so to speak of but I do consider my self kinda L33T..(ThatÂ’s hacker speak) lets just say I study things. Well here are a couple of them.

>hack a day
>NetworkSniffer <--programs >ASTALAVISTA.US
> NetStumbler
Enjoy! and dont get in trouble...LOL


Blogger DannyboyRI said...

It's nice to have you Back!!

12:31 PM  
Blogger rihooligan said...

Whats up Dan the man ! I just got burnt out, I have to make up for time lost Im gonna try to make it count!!!

9:43 PM  

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