Tuesday, March 08, 2005

what ????

Hey all just got around to posting ,I was bored with all the posting I was doing .I started to feel like I was going to give it up and stop posting all together .Due to the fact I really don’t think I have people really reading, maybe viewing but not really coming back and really checking me out . Well I don’t know still but I am going to post anyway for now! Well I got that Motorola e398 cell phone from the (united kingdom) it’s a import very cool phone it takes good pics and the mp3 player rules it has a trans flash memory card .that is very new we don’t have phones with trans flash here yet its secure memory for cells and PDAs only. I got 64 mb they come in larger capacity. Now if you haven’t seen the phone its in 1 of my previous post. week 2/13-2/19 Check it out..Well that’s it for this post I have other stuff to show you …..Peace

Trans flash link---www.coolera.com


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