Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick gets hacked

Well this story has been around for a couple of days now .But I just thought I would say. Some are reporting that it was stolen then hacked, then others say she gave out her password and was violated bottom line is more personal pics have been hijacked from the sidekick and ....I got a hold of them ..Well nothing special but interesting just the same .They say phone numbers of her friends have been put out there also now that's pretty cool .Think about it all her friends are rich and famous. How would you like to call.....mmmmmmmm I don't know maybe Lindsey lohan or Tara Reid. Well if you would like to see her phone book or personal notes I have them also wanna see the pics or the phone book and notes email me I will send you them.....LOL...I would post them but my luck Ill get slapped with a law suit for illegally publishing unauthorized pics. That would ruin my day for sure..lol the pics are one collage and only about 89.kb and the phone book is747kb and the notes are 94kb I called most of the numbers and they have been disconnected .But its cool any how…Later or check out mediapickle.com


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