Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I added something new interactive visitor pics! Show us something

Well I just added a new interactive part to my blog.And I hope every one participates in this little adventure .Its called show us something. And its just that email a pic to the address at( and that’s it your pic will show up in the pic spot on the side of my blog and in the( page. I hope this goes well ,you can email anything for a pic .show us something could be anything your new car your new pc a pic of your self, anything just not porn and your safe . If its to naughty I will remove the pic.Now I know my fellow Rhode islanders .We are not known for shyness that’s for sure .So don’t let me down. Lets have fun with this I added the first pic ...Well it’s of myself .(Looking good !!)LOL .And you can do it anonymously you don’t have let anyone know who you are if you don’t want to .But if you do that’s up to you. You would add it in your email subject line ..So let have fun with it show us something!


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