Friday, January 07, 2005

A little PSP news

Well this is a little news abouty the PSP. At CES 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Kaz Hirai let the much anticipated CES meeting slide without any concrete price nor firm launch date. Earlier this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Ken Kutaragi announced that the PSP will have a North American launch of March, followed by Europe around the same time.

In Japan, the near-PS2 quality portable gaming device sold only about 510k units on account of GPU shortages. While the price and exact date still aren't entirely clear, the USD equivalent of the Japanese sale price is a little under $200USD. Some are speculating that the price could be even lower to contest Nintendo DS's long-held portable gaming throne even further.


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WOW! You were talking about this. Dam that looks cool.

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