Tuesday, January 04, 2005

gotta love the samsung

i love samsung phones !!!
Samsung Electronics launches the world’s first megapixel camera phone with a built-in hard drive (SPH-V5400). The 1.5-gigabyte hard drive measures only one inch and is capable of storing 300 MP3 files or 1,000 photographs.
Samsung Electronics on Thursday released the first-ever mega-pixel camera phone with an internal hard drive. The SPH-V5400 boasts a 1.5-gigabyte hard drive that far outruns conventional rivals' 100 megabyte capacity, and can store up to 300 MP3 files or 1,000 images. It will retail for around W750,000.

In addition, the phone is equipped with a high-resolution (QVGA) 2.2-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) and 100 mega-pixel camera. New sound functions add an extra layer of quality to its ability to store 3.5 hours of video.

The phone also features functions such as an MP3 player, e-book and Korean-English/English-Korean dictionaries that can translate 33,000 words. Its dual speakers provide a 3D sound effect.

A company official said that Samsung, one of the fastest growing global brands, planned to maximize customers' satisfaction by releasing the 1.5 GB hard drive equipped mega pixel phone and prove the technological edge of Korean mobile phones.

He added that the company would continue producing sophisticated camera phones and employ more aggressive marketing in both domestic and overseas markets to strengthen its status as the world’s leading mobile phone company. ( I tell ya this one goes on my wish list for sure !!!! )


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