Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fossil at the CES wrist pda....

Fossil wrist palm pda watch!!! Wrist PDA FX2008
Price $249.00

Check more than just the time with this Wrist PDA watch, a revolutionary personal organizer cleverly disguised as a stylish wristwatch. Powered by the Palm OS platform this watch can store hundreds of contacts, check your calendar, and make a To-Do list from its surprisingly big 8MB of memory. Other features include convenient drop-down menus, alarm reminder window for recurring appointments, a memo pad, and a selection of different time and date displays to give your Wrist PDA its own personalized 'dial' when not in PDA mode. A stylus is integrated into the buckle. We can't leave Fossil out of the updates after all that's the kind of watch I wear on a daily....But I don't know if this is what I would wear but it does not mean its not a cool gadget !!!


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