Sunday, January 15, 2006

watch this systm video

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Suprise you have been hacked !

This is a link to a bad ass video of a step by step real time machine being hacked .the purpose of the video is for people to see just how venerable their machines really are when working on a unencrypted wifi network and if you don�t have a properly configured firewall .The video starts out a little slow but its meant as a presentation for this company that offers a security service for corporations
The companies name is Fiberlink and the video is great check it out! Oh yeah you will get a error message that pops up if you are using firefox but click ok and just ignore it will play forcibly but it was meant for IE 6..Here is the link ..FIBERLINK

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Get informed ! fake spyware scans

Okay this one kinda goes with my last post .Its just as important that you vist this site as well.I have mentioned this to some of my freinds and warned them not to fall for the scam. A lot of supposed ,Anti Spyware� software is, in fact, spyware. Malicious code abounds, much of it under the guise of fixing your spyware problems. The Spyware Warrior site maintains a list of rogue and suspect anti-spyware products and websites.It will also warn about browser hijacks....Dont be fooled !!! peace from you know who and make it do what it do!!!

Test your browsers security NOW !!!!

Well how safe is your browser? Do you know or do you think you know .Well if you are like many, you think your ok with the browser your running well guess really need to be sure because there are so many new browser hijackers out there it isn't funny .you could be jacked already .Guess what I am here to help you out visit this site and do a test its safe. And if you are lucky you will receive all {0's} just like me...and I work this browser ! I keep the cache at zero and get all the new updates and I suggest you do also! Get the new firefox 1.5 ..It is very tight and secure...Don't hesitate get tested now here at (BROWSER SECURITY TEST) and read a little bit about whats going on ...stay tuned got more posts coming some good stuff....peace

Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year !!

Well it,s a new year and here we go again. Man I haven't posted nothing in a long time I guess I have been busy with life and just bored with this blog .I really don't know I loose interest in things very quickly . I guess its (ADD) .well any how happy new year! its another consumer electronic show going on right now and I haven't been interested in posting anything .I will tell you what I have done that I thought I would never do I installed the apple I-tunes on my pc..the only reason why is because of the free podcast you can subscribe to and download and view in quick time on the pc its great there are a crap load of podcast out there .I like the video podcast .you need to check out the new SYSTM video podcast ..Pretty cool .I also subscribe to diggnation video podcast also very cool�. Well I gotta go but I will try to post more I could post about all kinds of stuff..but I gotta get ready to go get my hair cut now .I just had a spur of the moment urge to post !Any how check back later..............peace

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What a pill!

I sometimes wish I had a scrip of this!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Motorola MPx220

Okay check this phone out this one is badass I will be getting this one �..

The quad band, Motorola MPx220 with Windows Mobile� software, makes global connectivity easier and more flexible than ever. The sophisticated Motorola MPx220 provides mobile professionals a world class feature phone with the constant and global access to email, IM and the Web. For capturing and sharing the instant moments in life, the MPx220 offers an integrated 1.2 megapixel camera with flash and advanced multi-media messaging service (MMS). With seamless access to Pocket Outlook� and Pocket Internet Explorer, the busy professional will never miss an email, IM or a call. In addition photo caller-ID, the ability to download games, musical ring tones and more, the MPx220 promises that business executives can have some fun too. The Motorola MPx220 is the ideal solution for bringing your connections, and your life, on the road.
Pocketable Power
Whether you�re on the road or commuting, you can keep track of tasks, check e-mail and manage your business and social calendars so you never miss a meeting or birthday again. The Motorola MPx220 offers the familiarity of Windows Mobile� software that delivers the Outlook experience without the desktop clutter. And, with a large 64MB flash ROM and removable mini-SD card memory expansion slot; it�s like bringing an extra suitcase for storage with you on your travels, without the bulky baggage.
Looking Good
Multi-taskers are time pressed and with the MPx220 you can rely on email and IM for constant access to your colleagues, customers, friends and family. The Motorola MPx220 offers a more personalized connectivity as well. with its digital 1.2 megapixel integrated camera and MMS capabilities which provide users a new way to send messages that contain more than just words. Whether you are facilitating a business deal overseas or just wishing your child �happy birthday�, take a photo of yourself, attach a personalized voice recording and send. And with the model MPx220�s brilliant, external color display and photo caller-ID you can even see who�s calling without opening the phone. Putting a face to a name has never been so easy.
Lose the Wires
With the model MPx220, you don�t have to get tangled up in wires to make a point. The Motorola MPx220 integrates AirSync� and ActiveSync� and Bluetooth� wireless technology for the ultimate in connectivity. The MPx220�s quad band capability enables you to be connected around the world ensuring that wireless communications is always at your beck and call.
� Windows Mobile� software allows compatibility with Windows Mobile applications such as Pocket Outlook� and Pocket Internet Explorer and is designed to match and transpose the Outlook desktop experience
� Global Quad Band Performance (850/900/1800/1900)
� Integrated 1.2 megapixel camera, multi-step zoom, flash and self-portrait capabilities make it possible to capture your business and personal encounters with ease
� Bluetooth� wireless technology and speaker phone allow hands free conversations
� 64MB Flash ROM and mini-SD removable memory for extra storage
� MMS messaging features for sending pictures, animations, wallpaper, icons and more
� Downloading capabilities for adding on new games, musical ringtones, business applications and more at any whim
� A wide array of companion products are available to enhance the wireless experience

Whats up !!!

Hey everyone sorry about the lack of posting but I’ve been in a slump, I have been focusing on finding another job the one I have now is getting on my nerves I have been there for 17 years I started at the young age of 19 years old . And I have had it. I need a change and an opportunity to make more money. I mean I do okay now but I am topped out under the circumstances .I want out of manufacturing I need to be able too use my talents in other venues .I will find something but it has to be the right something .I was thinking sales?? I would love to work in the pc industry but I did not go to school for any of this stuff. Wish I did, but I am self taught...I am good like that...LOL LOL just kidding! I am going to do some part time used car sales on my days off to check out the sales angel .I feel I will do great …So come on down and I’ll set you up in a great used Caddy or Lexus or what ever else we have on the lot ..LOL well I just thought I would pop on and give a shout out...Peace out to my peeps…..

Monday, May 16, 2005

PlayStation 3 announced for 2006

Hey I just wanted to post this quick .I seen the Xbox 360 and its pretty nice .But I am a playstation guy .Granted I am not a huge gamer but I do like to play now and then .And I like the ps2 I just seen this and had to post the link .A look at the ps3…Oh yeah ps3 baby get a gander at these bad boys they come in three different colors. Check it out-